Call for abstracts - Deadline April 15: Architecture & Feminisms



13th Architectural Humanities Research Association conference

KTH Stockholm, School of Architecture, November 17 - 19, 2016

The 2016 AHRA conference will address connections between architecture and feminisms with an emphasis on plural expressions of feminist identity and non-identity, acknowledging that feminist claims continues to be tested and contested. Between architecture and feminisms our specific focus will be upon transversal relations across ecologies, economies and technologies. Specifically, we are concerned with the exploration of ecologies of practice, the drawing out of alternative economies, and experimentation with mixed technologies, from craft to advanced computational technologies.

We invite responses to our six thematic areas:

Ecologies – Economies – Technologies – Histories – Pedagogies – Styles

We assume that each thematic area inherently organises diverse ecologies of practice, and that the question of precarious mental, social, environmental ecologies pertains to all.

We invite individual and group proposals for 20 minute papers and full sessions from architectural historians, theorists, designers and practitioners, as well as those working on relevant themes across the design disciplines, in the humanities and social sciences.

We welcome proposals that explore alternative means of academic dissemination through film, small exhibition, performance.

Please send a 300 word abstract, including a title, and a 50 word biographical note to:

Deadline: Apr 15, 2016

Architecture in Effect organizes workshops On Theory and Method


Architecture in Effect organizes a series of workshops titled On Theory and Method during autumn 2014 and spring 2015:

  1. "Critical Historiography", Stockholm, December 8–9, 2014
  2. "Architects in Formation", Stockholm, February 5–6, 2015
  3. "Critical Projections", Stockholm, March 12-13, 2015
  4. "Material Conditions", Lund, April 23-24, 2015

The aim of the workshops is to articulate the potentialities, problems and understandings of theory and method in architecture and architectural research. The events are organized as “paper sessions” where methodological and theoretical approaches are discussed in relation to ongoing research projects. The workshops also constitute platforms for further planning on coming publications.

For detailed information on the workshops, see Events page on this website.

Architecture in Effect organizes seminar on Theory and Method at KTH Dec 8-9, 2014


On Theory and Method: Critical Historiography
December 8-9, KTH, Stockholm

The role of architectural history is widely discussed today. How does history relate to practice? What is the specific approach and knowledge of architectural historians? What is the role of architectural research in a broader field of humanities? In contemporary global cultural industry the role of architecture, and its history, has taken new forms and meanings. History as a fundamental force in processes of creating ideology, politics and identity needs to be uncovered continuously, and this workshop aims at formulating theories and methods doing that. We will situate architectural historiography in relation to methodologies used in fields like contemporary history, art history, feminist studies, capitalist studies and post-colonial studies. Invited international guests are Professor Mary McLeod, Columbia University and Professor Tom Avermaete, Delft University.

This is the first in a series of workshops On Theory and Method. The aim of the workshops is to articulate the potentialities, problems and understandings of theory and method in architectural research. The events will be organized as “paper sessions” where methodological and theoretical approaches will be discussed in relation to ongoing research projects. The workshop will also constitute a platform for further planning on coming publications. The event is organized by Helena Mattsson, responsible for the program Critical Historiography in Architecture in Effect ( Architecture in Effect is a strong research environment in Architecture Theory and Methodology funded by The Swedish Research Council Formas 2011-2016.



This pre-emptive research event proposes to gather some preliminary thoughts toward the ongoing planning of the international AHRA conference to be held in 2016 at KTHA Stockholm.

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SRE Effect Methodology Seminar


Architecture in Effect @ Architecture and Dissidence


Researchers from Architecture in Effect / Critical Studies in Architecture, KTH, Brady Burroughs, Hélène Frichot, Katja Grillner, Helen Runting, and Maria Ärlemo, will host a panel and present five papers at the AHRA 2012 conference in London: Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence, which is held in November. Katja Grillner will present a paper that engages in a meta-analysis of the Architecture in Effect research framework, in particular our four program areas and how they may serve to articulate the critical potential of architecture as practice, research and discourse formation.

Sten Gromark to speak at academic session of IFHP Congress in Gothenburg


Sten Gromark will give a lecture at the 56th IFHP Congress ”Cities as Value Networks” in Gothenburg, Sep 19 2012, on the topic ”Architectural design for affect in effect? Bois-le-Pretre, Paris 2012″. The various speakers at the congress will present specific urban locations that are currently undergoing transformational processes, investigating the changes in living arrangements and use of space. It will also explore the values and expectations that reside among potential buyers and users of these spaces: What are the motivations behind an entrepreneur that settles in a particular property? What drives a tourist to visit a particular street? What features compels a young professional to move to a certain location? What does parkour, street art or urban farming mean in terms of performed values for urban everyday life?

Katja Grillner on Swedish design research at Univ. of Kentucky


Scandinavian takes on design research? University of Kentucky, Sept 20-21st Four scandinavian researchers from academia and industry have been invited to speak at a faculty symposium organised by Dean Michael Speaks and Professor Wallis Miller of the University of Kentucky, College of Design. Katja Grillner will be speaking on the subject of design research as developed in architecture schools in Sweden over the last decades, and about the strong research environment initiatives. These together with the national research school ResArc are currently attracting increasing international attention from many different locations.

Inauguration of ResArc


ResArc will be launched at a kick off at School of Architecture in Lund, February 9-10, 2012. Invited speakers will lecture on “Tendencies in Architectural Research”. These lectures will also constitute the first course instance in the first ResArc PhD course, called Tendencies in Architectural Research. The two strong research environments “Architecture in the Making” and “Architecture in Effect” will also be presented in connection the event.

Architectural Academy: Swedish Schools of Architecture in media


The magazine Fastighetsnytt published an article on the architectural schools and Formas’ research initiative in their latest issue (no. 6, 2011) and Architecture in Effect’s director Katja Grillner was interviewed for the feature.

City Axioms lecture series at Stockholm University Spring 2012


SRE Effect research members Karin Bradley, Catharina Gabrielsson and Katja Grillner are participating in a lecture series titled City Axioms: A Common Ground Forum for Contesting Common Sense Urbanity, organized by Stockholm University, KTH and White. The first event is with Jamie Peck, Catharina Gabrielsson and Johan Lindquist and is taking place on Jan 28. For further details, see

Architecture in Effect at 2014 AHRA conference in Newcastle

Resarc / AHRA 10th Annual Research Student Conference