Sten Gromark to speak at academic session of IFHP Congress in Gothenburg

Sten Gromark will give a lecture at the 56th IFHP Congress ”Cities as Value Networks” in Gothenburg, Sep 19 2012, on the topic ”Architectural design for affect in effect? Bois-le-Pretre, Paris 2012″. The various speakers at the congress will present specific urban locations that are currently undergoing transformational processes, investigating the changes in living arrangements and use of space. It will also explore the values and expectations that reside among potential buyers and users of these spaces: What are the motivations behind an entrepreneur that settles in a particular property? What drives a tourist to visit a particular street? What features compels a young professional to move to a certain location? What does parkour, street art or urban farming mean in terms of performed values for urban everyday life?