Sten Gromark

Sten Gromark is a Professor of Architecture, Dr, Architect SAR/MSA, active as a teacher and researcher at Chalmers School of Architecture, Göteborg, Sweden, within the theme of Modern & Residential Architecture, Unit for Building Design. He has been active in research on architectural sociology in international cooperation concerned with housing issues but has also published reflections on the influence of philosophical concepts within contemporary European architecture based on humanistic and social science oriented interpretations. He is the vice director of the Steering Committee of Formas SRE ‘Architecture in Effect’ hosted by KTH and was co-coordinator of NordForsk supported Nordic-Baltic researcher network Visurf 2008-2011 and the CIB Commission W069 on ‘Residential Studies’ together with Professor of Sociology, urban and residential studies group, Katrin Paadam, TTU, Tallinn, Estonia since 2012. He is currently the Director of the Strong Research Environment AIDAH, Architectural Inventions for Dwelling, Ageing and Healthcaring supported by Formas 2014-2018; hosted by Chalmers Architecture.


Publications (since 2011)

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