Architecture in Effect. Rethinking the Social in Architecture.

Archive 2011 - 2017. See concluding event 2017, ArkDes / KTH Stockholm:


Architects in Formation: The Relation Between Education, Research and Practice |  The Technological Sublime: Slussen, Katarinahissen and Wenner-Gren Center |  The Integration of Critique |  The Architecture of Deregulations: Politics and Postmodernism in Swedish Building 1975-1995 |  The Architecture of Allotments: Suburbia across the Urban Landscape |  Revolution as the Moment of Silence. The Encounter of Formal and Informal and the Revolutionary Aesthetics |  Restoring the Welfare State |  Reconstruction of the Welfare State – Restructuring Swedish Post War Housing Kitchens |  Modern Heritage and the Democratic Dilemma |  Models of the Past. Architectural Reconstructions in Modern Sweden |  Hybrid Frameworks Case Study in Chisinau, Moldova – Post Soviet Planning Processes |  Functional or modern? On the preference for rational explanations in the historiography of Swedish modernism |  Critical Historiography |  Cri-Fi: Setting the Scene |  Costume Drama |  Architecture's Red Tape |  Architecture and Philosophies in Turmoil - The Case of France Post '68. A Critical Interpretation of the Relation between Social and Architectural Change |  Architectural Practice and Spatial Justice. Towards a Theoretical Framework for a Critically Engaged Architectural Practice |  ‘Choking on the Dirt and Sand’: Transgressive Dwelling with New Belgrade Architecture |  Utopia Now Here |  Transgressive methods in Institutional critique |  The Setting and the Social Condenser: Transitional Objects in Architecture and Psychoanalysis |  The Becoming of Residential Identities II. Residents’ Experiences in the Bois-le-Prêtre Alteration Project, Paris, 2013. The Interviews. |  The Becoming of Residential Identities I. A Singular Situation of Symbolic Transgression: Bois-le-Prêtre Alteration Project, Paris, 2011. The Interpretations. |  Society of the And. The bewildering interdependence of our times. |  Situated knowledges and the science question in architecture and urban design |  Politics “In Space” |  Incomplete Geographies and Cosmopolitical Drifts – Mobility and Migration in Tania Ruiz Gutierrez’ Elsewhere/Annorstädes/Ailleurs |  Doing Heritage. Places of the past and future inside-out through women in Rosengård. |  Digital aether, screen and screen-nes |  Design Practices and the Micropolitics of Sustainability |  Deserving One’s Role? In search of the Political in the Shaping of Professional Acting Space |  Deleuze, Architecture and After: The story of the superfold |  Concrete Geometries – Spatial Form and Social Behaviour |  Closure and Disclosure – A Seemingly Cool Record Disclosing a Hot Subject |  Becoming Scandinavian: Migrating Places |  Architectural Pools of Desire and Passionate Pedagogy: An Aquatic Feminist's Scientific Autobiography |  "Project Practicies": The Body in Space - Promoting Sustainable Urban Transports: A Case Study |  What space and whose space? A kaleidoscopic perspective on institutional spatial entanglements |  Visual and Non-visual Agency in the Transformation of Urban Space. On the Role of Democracy in Techniques of Spatial Governance |  Urban design and public life: towards a territorological perspective |  Theorising the Material Conditions of Architecture: Towards a Meta Theory of Materiality and the Architectural Effects on Everyday Life |  The Uncompleted Materiality of the Void - Exploring the "Non-Perfect" Characteristics of Materials |  The Possibility of Emancipating Architecture. Categories of Estrangement |  Social Space and Daily Commuting |  Rethinking the Social in Architecture: The Case of Kvillebäcken. |  Park Politics |  Inhabitation as a Process. Theoretical Frameworks for Analysing Interiors |  Immediate Architectural Interventions, Durations and Effects: Apparatuses, Things and People in the Making of the City and the World |  Healing environment, health & institution |  Feminist Eco-futures |  Deleuze and the City |  Dance Dance Dance: Urban Planning and the Desire to Choreograph Urbanity |  BIG Faith: Immigration and the History, Politics, and Architecture of Large Sacred Spaces in Sweden |  Architecture in Secular and Post-secular Conditions. On the Aesthetics of Objectionable Matter |  Animals in the Cemetery: exploring animals’ place in the human cemetery |