Healing environment, health & institution

Jüri Soolep

Project Period:
Type: Senior Research Project
Program Area(s): Material Conditions


It is evident from the big hospital projects in Sweden (The new Karolinska University Hospital, the new Malmö hospital, the INSPI Health Campus in Malmö, just to name some) that a reevaluation of medical and healing environments is going on. Laboratory of Sustainable Architectural Production in Umea School of Architecture wants to be part of that discussion.

Certain information and knowledge has to be brought into the context of design projects in hospital design. When the technological and evidence-based information is relatively easily accessible, we have found rather small number of sources of information on cultural and institutional level. If the hypothesis of changing healing environment is true, then it cannot be approached outside the culture of Northern Europe. First part: The investigation will deal with traditional historical healing environments around the Baltic Sea. Then it will look at sanatorium and spa culture in Northern and Western Europe. Second part: Critical analysis of history of hospital institution on the basis of Foucault paradigm. The investigation will conclude with setting questions and agendas for the future.

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