Immediate Architectural Interventions, Durations and Effects: Apparatuses, Things and People in the Making of the City and the World

Alberto Altés, Oren Lieberman

Project Period:
Type: Affiliated PhD research
Program Area(s): Material Conditions/Critical Projections


We define architecture not as an ‘it’ but as a process, or an apparatus; in our sense, architecture is a verb: to architect. Rather than refer to the (paradoxical) limiting of intervention’s in-between, we posit a new concept: intravention. Intra’s focus on the ‘within’ establishes intraventions as already a part of the spaces and times in which they are ‘intravening’.

We find this a very productive notion, one which is useful in defining the (makeshift) edges of specific situations with which we engage; it helps us negotiate the expanse of the relational meshwork of material, sensory and discursive flows, and allows us to start ‘doing/making’ immediately. When we ‘intravene’, we cut within the site we inhabit to conceive and construct it. It also speaks about intentionality: one decides what the intravention includes or excludes. It is therefore an intensely political act, as well as an aesthetic one.

We will discuss the notions of intravention in relationship to its ability to interfere with the complex making of the city and the world, articulating, detonating, and re-articulating relations, actions and intra-actions between various things, apparatuses, people, ANTs, spiders and, very possibly, sugar dispensers.

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