Yvonne P. Doderer: "Right to the City"

If urban space is understood not only in the sense of physical and built space but – following the French philosopher Henri Lefebvre – as societal, emancipatory, political and sociocritical space, movements like the feminist as well as the lgbtqi movement can be described and analyzed as a highly urban phenomenon. These movements contribute to the productivity of cities and to urban ways of living. An example is the "spatialization" of the feminist and lgbtqi-movement in German cities. Furthermore, the notion of a right to the city can be updated in the frame of gender studies and feminist practice: in consideration of the contemporary and global economical, societal and ecological developments, the demand of a right to the city is necessary more than ever and can function as an umbrella term for changes and a livable future.Yvonne P. Doderer is an architect, urban researcher and Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. She runs the"Office of Transdisciplinary Research and Cultural Production" in Stuttgart and is internationally active as lecturer, author and producer mainly in the artistic field. Doderer studied architecture at the Technical University in Stuttgart. After the lecture, Thérèse Kristiansson will have a talk with Yvonne P. Doderer about a right to the city for livable futures.

In collaboration with Stockholms Arkitektförening and Meike Schalk, Feminist Futures, Iaspis, Goethe Institut and KTH.

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