On Theory and Method 1: Critical Historiography

KTH, Stockholm, December 8-9, 2014

The role of architectural history is widely discussed today. How does history relate to practice? What is the specific approach and knowledge of architectural historians? What is the role of architectural research in a broader field of humanities? In contemporary global cultural industry the role of architecture, and its history, has taken new forms and meanings. History as a fundamental force in processes of creating ideology, politics and identity needs to be uncovered continuously, and this workshop aims at formulating theories and methods doing that. We will situate architectural historiography in relation to methodologies used in fields like contemporary history, art history, feminist studies, capitalist studies and post-colonial studies. Invited international guests are Professor Mary McLeod, Columbia University and Professor Tom Avermaete, Delft University.

This is the first in a series of workshops On Theory and Method. The aim of the workshops is to articulate the potentialities, problems and understandings of theory and method in architectural research. The events will be organized as “paper sessions” where methodological and theoretical approaches will be discussed in relation to ongoing research projects. The workshop will also constitute a platform for further planning on coming publications. The event is organized by Helena Mattsson, responsible for the program Critical Historiography in Architecture in Effect.

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