Rethinking the Social in Architecture

On Feb 6-8, 2013 Architecture in Effect arranges the international symposium Rethinking the Social in Architecture. It is hosted by Umeå School of Architecture and will feature keynotes by internationally reknowned architects, critics and scholars in the field and presentations of current research within the environment.

The symposium was structured around three topics:

  • The welfare state and beyond – exploring where we are, where we have been and what is becoming. What is the role of the state, the private, the public, and the commons?
  • Towards new subjectivities – exploring transformative agencies; the individual, the body, the collective, the fictional, the real. Spatial identities, across or against, differentiating markers like gender, race, ability, economy, location, will be investigated.
  • The politics of things – exploring the politics of the object and its con-tent, as well as relational thinking – how the object knits, directs, actualizes and enacts the political. How might form become capable of thinking?

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