Cri-Fi: Setting the Scene

Katarina Bonnevier

Project Period: 2012-2013
Type: Senior Research Project
Program Area(s): Critical Historiography/Critical Projections


The aim of the project is to initiate and articulate the ground for a multifaceted research on Critical Fictions as part of the development of the program area Critical Projections. To formulate this setting the project features two frames: an event (inviting other researchers, possibly a setting workshop) and an article (writing the setting). The project also connects to the program area ”critical historiography”, since an underlying motive is to re-write architecture history, away from circle reasoning and faulty generalizations that comes out of the reproduction of white, western, heteronormative, male, affulent upper-middle class norms (Minnich, 1990).

Methodologically Cri-Fi moves back and forth between writing (with intense interest towards spatial style) and enacting (build, exhibit, invite, animate, visualize, socialize, respond). It is about asking the questions: what if? And, how can it be? By testing temporary architectures, which are specific in materiality and spatiality. The aim is to critically examine positions and orientations while simultaneously making a construction. The title of the project “Cri-Fi” associates to the domain of science fiction to underline the projective and inventive aspects of Critical Fictions.

The way I formulate the setting comes out of my research interests. In previous projects as researcher, educator and architect I have used and developed the concept Critical Fictions, as a way to imagine the day after the revolution and propose future/utopian/reparative/queer/feminist/altering realities. To put up a built environment where there is room for all of us. The gathered archive, which does not only consist of artifacts that can be touched, held or shared with others but also takes place in my body and inhabits my actions, evolves around performance and performativity (Butler, Foucault, Sedgwick). Other key ideas are “politics of location” (Rich), “orientation” (Ahmed) and “figuration” (Braidotti). In Cri-Fi I will formulate and share my findings as well as further the main ideas with other researchers; it will be developed along with the case study “Costume Drama”.

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