Fran Cottell

Fran Cottell is an artist and Senior Lecturer at Camberwell College of Arts in MA Fine Art/BA Context. In 2008 she curated ‘Concrete Dreams: Art, Architecture and Social Space’ with Liz Harrison for Apt gallery/Open House, bringing together 27 artists, motivated by diverse issues such as pathos, humour, desire, history, power, wealth and neglect. Other exhibitions include 2011- ‘Back to Front’, 2005/6—‘Collecting Time: the Living and the Dead’, 2003/4—‘Still Live‘ and 2001—‘Display’, an ongoing series of live installations displaying the contents, visitors and occupants of her house. Her 2008 work ‘Gold Balls’ was a large scale public art project. She worked on public art project teams and has been Executive of the Public Art Forum from 1997–2002.