Catharina Gabrielsson

Catharina Gabrielsson is an architect, critic and writer. She is assistant professor in urban theory at the School of Architecture KTH and Director of the doctoral programme Art, Technology and Design in collaboration with Konstfack. With an emphasis on creative academic writing, her research investigates the interface between architecture and the city in conceptual and material terms, frequently employing fieldwork to address concerns in cultural geography, philosophy and aesthetics. She is an editorial member of the research journal Architecture and Culture (Taylor & Francis), Arkitektur, and Fellow at The Swedish Research Institute of Istanbul.


Publications (since 2011)

“Housework”, Nordic Journal of Architecture 3:2:2012

“What we talk about when we talk about alteration”, co-authored with Tim Anstey, Nordic Journal of Architecture 3:2:2012

“Den håliga staden: att vandra längs stadsmuren och andra rumsproduktioner i Istanbul”, ARR idéhistorisk tidskrift, Oslo Universitet, nr 1–2:2011

Peer-reviewed book chapters and conference proceedings

“Folded ground: escape from Cape Town”, in C. Gabrielsson, H. Frichot and J. Metzger (eds.) Deleuze and the City (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2016).

“Origins as a sign of pathology in architectural thinking”, G. Baruchello, A. Ramsay and Ingerid Straume (eds.) Creation, Rationality and Autonomy: Essays on Cornelius Castoriadis (Aarhus University Press / Nordic Summer University, 2013)

“The holey city: walking along Istanbul’s Theodosian land walls”, Hélène Frichot and Stephen Loo (red.) Deleuze and Architecture (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013)

“The imagination of public space”, H. Nilsson (ed.) Placing Art in the Public Realm (Södertörns högskola: Södertörn University Press, 2012). Republished in “Die Imagination des Öffentlichen Raums”, Ö. Özsoy (ed.) Hack and the City. Wilhelm-Hack museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein (2014), German trans. by K. Kramer.

Books, articles and book chapters

Deleuze and the City, co-editor with H. Frichot, J. Metzger (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2016)

“What a city can do”, co-authored with H. Frichot and J. Metzger, C. Gabrielsson, H. Frichot and J. Metzger (eds.) Deleuze and the City (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming 2016)

”Bilder på torget i Mörbylånga, tagna i augusti 2015”, Hjärnstorm 2016:123

”De odlar det lokala motståndet” Arkitektur 7:2013

”Konsten att gestalta det gemensamma eller verkligheten betraktad genom ett konstnärligt temperament”, H. Orrje (ed.) Konsten att gestalta offentliga miljöer – samverkan i tanke och handling (Stockholm: Statens konstråd, 2013)

Nordic Journal of Architecure 2012:3, guest co-editor with Tim Anstey, themed issue on Alteration

”Att stanna kvar”, Ett rum med utsikt, Chapter. 8, 2013 (

“Risks of exposal”, M. Mróz-Grygierowska and T. Ekstrand (eds.), Art Line: A Baltic Collaboration, Karlskrona: Blekinge Museum, 2013

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Glänta 2012:1, guest co-editor, themed issue on the Arctic

“End Notes on Slack Space”, Dear… Dead Ends, 2012:1, JAC Studios, Köpenhamn

“PM beträffande offentliga rum”, C. Caldenby & Fredrik Nilsson (ed.) Om arkitektur (ur ett pågående samtal), Stockholm: Arkus, 2011. Även web-publicerad som Månadens tanke, Okt. 2011: Stiftelsen ARKUS,

“Det offentliga rummets omvandlingar”, Framtider 1:2011

“Istanbuls Büyük Valide Han: arkitektur som kollektivt skapande”, Dragomanen 13: 2011

“En förlorad värld av skenbart kaos”, Arkitektur 1:2011

Conference contributions

Paper, “Not About Architecture”, Architects in Formation (SRE), Stockholm KTH 2015.02.06

Workshop with Hélène Frichot, “Writing the Limits of Architecture, Tranversally”, ”Excitable Writing: transforming academia, art, activism”, Tema Genus, Linköping University 8-10th Dec. 2014

Paper ,“Anthroposophy, Neoliberalism and the Spirit of Capitalism”,11th AHRA International Conference Industries of Architecture: Relations, Process, Production. Newcastle University, 13-15 Nov. 2014

Paper, “Folded ground”, and session with Hélène Frichot (A Geo-philosophy for the late Anthopocene) 7th Deleuze Studies International Conference, Istanbul, 12-14 July 2014

Presentation, ”Stokvels: informal saving schemes in South Africa”, Symposium/workshop for AHRA 2016, School of Architecture KTH, Stockholm (Jan 2014)

Moderator, “Designing Publics, Publics Designing”, International conference on social innovation and design, Konstfack, 28th Jan 2015

Invited lecture, “Space, Comfort and the Modern Subjectivity”, at The Future of Comfort Symposium, Oslo Architecture Triennale, September 2013

Paper with Åsa Stjerna, “Smooth Listening: Acoustic Striations and Lines of Flight”, 6th Deleuze Studies International Conference, Lisbon, July, 2013

Paper, “Anthroposophy, Postmodernism and Money”, Rethinking the Social: Architecture in Effect, Umeå university, February 2013

Invited comment, (“A local case of actually existing neoliberalism”, to Jamie Peck, "Austerity Urbanism", City Axioms, Stockholm univ. Dep. Social Anthropology. (2012.01.28)

Paper, “Atmosphere and the Experience Economy”, Economy International conference, School of Architecture, Cardiff, July 2012

Co-organizer with Tim Anstey of international symposium ”Alteration”, moderator for “Theories”, School of Architecture and Moderna museet (2011.08.31)

Accepted abstracts to international research conferences

Paper, “Experience and the Postmodern City: an ideological analysis of matter in Södra Station”, invited to session Architecture and Capital, Yearly meeting of the American Association of Geographers, San Francisco, March 2016

Paper, “An oblique and hybrid formality: rethinking institutions from a post-colonial outset”, invited to Undisciplined Environments, International conference for the European Network of Political Ecology, March 2016


“Writing on the limits of architecture, transversally”, R. Lyngsø Christiensen (ed.) Mellem huse og ord – overvejelser omkring en arkitektuhistoriografi, online publication, KADK, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen (forthcoming 2016)

“Building a case for architecture, in effect”, submitted to H. Frichot & G. Sandin (eds.) After Effects: Theories and Methodologies in Architecture (Feb. 2016)

“Anthroposophy, postmodernism and the spirit of capitalism”, submitted to Architectural Research Quarterly (Jan. 2015), withdrawn and submitted to J. Mach, S. Gromark & R. van Toorn, Rethinking the Social in Architecture (Jan. 2016)

“Toads, tours and gang fights: the messy institutions of the future”, SITE Magazine (submitted Aug. 2014 and accepted for publication), withdrawn and submitted to Architecture Theory Review, special themed issue ”Africa Critical” (submitted in Aug. 2015)