Katja Grillner

Katja Grillner is professor of Critical Studies in Architecture, director of research and vice head of the School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). She is co-founder of FATALE, a feminist architecture teaching and research group based at KTH. She was the president of the Nordic Association for Architectural Research 2000-2002, director of architecture research at KTH from 2005-2008, and has directed large research projects such as AKAD (2003-2007); Architecture and Authorship (2003-2007); The Poetics of Critical Writing (2007-2009).


Publications (since 2011)

Katja Grillner “Design research and critical transformations: Situating thought, projecting action” in Murray Fraser (Ed.) Design Research in Architecture (Ashgate, 2013)*

Katja Grillner “Debatt: Stadsmässig återvändsgränd”, Arkitektur, Nr 4 2013, p 16.

Meike Schalk, Brady Burroughs, Katja Grillner and Katarina Bonnevier “FATALE Critical Studies in Architecture” in Nordic Journal of Architecture, No 2, pp 90-96 (2011).*

Katja Grillner “A Performative Mode of Writing Place: Out and about the Rosenlund Park, Stockholm 2008-2010” in Mona Livholts (Ed.) Emergent Writing Methodologies in Feminist Studies, Forthcoming (Routledge 2011).*


Katja Grillner “At the Western End a Dead-end Park Slot: On ’Situated Knowledges and the Science Question’ in Urban Planning and Design” in Field – a free journal for architecture (submitted for review, forthcoming issue 2013)*

Katja Grillner with FATALE “Ten Fluttering Follies - Writing the Garden of the Incompatible Modalities Salon, London 2010” manuscript for Festschrift, McGill University Press (forthcoming 2014)