Sten Gromark

Dr. Sten Gromark is a Full Professor of Architecture, Architect SAR/MSA, Sociologist, former Deputy Head of School and former Vice Director of Bachelor & Master’s Programmes, teacher and researcher at Chalmers School of Architecture, Göteborg, Sweden, within the theme modern & residential architecture. He is the Director of Formas SRE-AIDAH Strong Research Environment 2014-18. He is a member of the Steering Committee as Vice Director of Formas SRE ‘Architecture in Effect’ hosted by KTH and co-coordinator of the NordForsk-supported Nordic-Baltic researcher network Visurf 2008-2011 and currently co-coordinator for the CIB Commission W069 on ‘Residential Studies’ and a member of the Chalmers Center for Residential Architecture since 2017. Author and co-editor of Ways of Residing in Transformation – Interdisciplinary Perspectives, published by Ashgate/Routledge 2016.


Publications (since 2011)


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