Maria Hellström Reimer

Maria Hellström Reimer, visual artist, PhD and associate professor in landscape architecture at SLU, Alnarp, and the Design Faculty, Royal College of Technology, Stockholm, with a specialization in theoretical and applied aesthetics. In 2006, Hellstrom Reimer defended her interdisciplinary thesis Steal This Place – The Aesthetics of Tactical Formlessness and the Free Town of Christiania. Currently conducting artistic research and critical studies in the field of architecture and landscape architecture, primarily focusing onperformative aesthetic practices.


Publications (since 2011)

Hellström Reimer, Maria (2016) “Acting Out Kicking Back”. In The Journal of Design Strategies, forthcoming 2016.

Hellström Reimer, Maria (2014): Mobility extra situ – The Cosmopolitical Aesthetics of Tania Ruiz Gutierrez’ Elsewhere/Annorstädes/Ailleurs, Mobilities, DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2014.954913

Hellström Reimer, Maria (2012) “Whose Goodness? Ethics, Aesthetics and the Political Landscape of Sense”. JOLA – Journal of Landscape Architecture, special issue “Ethics and Aesthetics”.

Hellström Reimer, Maria (2011) “Favourably Found and Proudly Presented – Scouting for Locations in the Media Terrain.” In Nordic Journal of Architectural Research/Nordisk Arkitekturforskning 1:2011.

Peer reviewed articles book chapters and conference proceedings

Hellström Reimer, Maria (2016) “Cut, Make and Trim: Fast Fashion Urbanism in the Residues of Rana Plaza”. In Frichot, Gabrielsson, Metzger (eds.) Deleuze and the City. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 161-177.

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Hellström Reimer, Maria (2011) ”Christiania Copenhagen - A Common out of the Ordinary”. In Anna Jorgensen and Richard Keenan (eds.) Urban Wildscapes. London: Routledge.

Books, articles and book chapters

Bargmann, Julie, Maria Goula, Maria Hellström Reimer, Kristina Hill, Pepa Moran, Christina Stadlbauer, Ulla Taipale, Anna Zahonero (2016) „Parques Transformativos“. Paisea Revista de Paisajismo.

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Conference contributions

Hellström Reimer, M., McCormick, K., Nilsson, E., & Arsenault, N. (2012) “Advancing Sustainable Urban Transformation through Living Labs: Looking to the Öresund Region“. IST 2012 - International Conference on Sustainability Transitions, ”Navigating Theories and Challenging Realities”.

Hellström Reimer, Maria, Milica Lapcevic and Luca Simeone (2011) ”Blind and Fake: Exploring the Geography of the Expanded Book.” NORDES Biannual Design Research Conference 29-31 May, 2011, Aalto University Helsinki, 68-76.