Helena Mattsson

Helena Mattsson (b. 1965) is an architect and a researcher based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her doctoral thesis was published 2004, Arkitektur och konsumtion: Reyner Banham och utbytbarhetens estetik (Architecture and consumption: Reyner Banham and the aesthetic of expendability). She has written extensively on architecture, art and culture, and is the editor of (with S O Wallenstein) Swedish Modernism – Architecture, Consumption and the Welfare State (2010) and 1% (2006). Mattsson was in charge for a research project at the Museum of Architecture in Stockholm, Architecture and consumption in Sweden 1930 – 1970 (2005 to 2007). She is an Associate professor in History and Theory of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Mattsson is partner in Testbedstudio Stockholm, and editor for the culture periodical SITE.


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