Catharina Thörn

Catharina Thörn has a PhD in Sociology and an interested in questions on urban governance, access to public space and democracy. Since 2010 she have been working with an international reference group on gentrification with the goal of creating an exhibition in Gothenburg. This project is connected to a research project that she coordinates on the transformation of the waterfront in Gothenburg. Catharina has also been involved in research projects with artists and architects on the role of art in urban change.


Publications (since 2011)

“Soft strategies of exclusion. Strategies of ambience and control of public space in Gothenburg”. In Urban Geography Vol 32:7 (2011).

”Spotcity: a arte e a politica do espaco public” in Forum Sociologicio Vol 21.* (2011)

”Göteborg – Hamburg – Göteborg. Flöden – Rörelser – Stadsutveckling” i (red) Ahlstedt & Platen METROPOLER. Reflexioner kring urbana rum i litteratur och konst Göteborg: Göteborgs Universitet. * (2013)


Article on renewal of Kvillebäcken to be published in Arkitektur September 2013

Book manuscript forthcoming on Kabusa about renewal of Kvillebäcken

The Silent Room at Hospitals (on multi-ethnic issues in public space)

Personal niches in hospital stay