Architectural Pools of Desire and Passionate Pedagogy: An Aquatic Feminist's Scientific Autobiography


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Program Area(s): Critical Projections


Through a 'method of opportunities’ and intentional post-justification, I tell stories while formulating critical arguments to propose a series of ‘disruptions’ in how we think, make and position ourselves as architects, teachers, even humans, in relation to our power and privileges. With the help of feminist and queer theory, I use fictional provocation, humor and imagination in order to reveal our habits, shift our perceptions and raise ethical concerns in situations where we encounter the conflict, dreams and drama of the places we inhabit.

However, rather than a deconstruction, I would call it a re-construction. One of my current main research questions is “ If we begin with the most vulnerable, passionate or empowering moments in life, what kind of architecture will we make then?” Most of the stories take place in spaces that are located 'outside' of the norm, whether a separatist bathing space, a sanctuary for mythical humanimal creatures or an occupied Aldo Rossi row house with ghosts, locating them in a place of possible political resistance to assumptions of gender and sexuality, anthropocentric oppression of species or simply the discrimination and conformism of a profession. In a broader sense, the methods of my practice aim to question traditional forms of knowledge production and research.

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