Digital aether, screen and screen-nes

Jüri Soolep

Project Period: 2014-2015
Type: Senior research project
Program Area(s): Critical Projections, Archtiects in Formation


Today we face a new social condition that I call 'imagospheric'. The societies are changing through pan-digitalisation of different representational systems. The visualisation, screening and surveying of everyday life is accompanied with further qualities like hybridisation, juxtaposition, simultaneity and multitasking.

The digital-technological systems are the foundation of change with several amalgamations. The format of these is its interface – screen. IPhone, IPad, ITablet and MacBook are the examples of this new synthesis. It is not just four separate appliances in the form of objects. It is a digital platform interfaced with screens. They present a complicated digital presence. The digital presence is not “mine”, it is composed of several integral parts, which I have no knowledge about, nor much command over. Firstly,
because it has become impossible for me as a user to know what am I exactly using. Is it a machine or is it a bundle of licences that is attached to another bundle of licences and patents? Secondly, the digital platform has its own autonomy to update, communicate, initiate and activate software that is nothing but a string of zeros and ones, a protocol guarded by intellectual property laws that circle the domain of meanings that constitute my work.

Whatever forms the message takes, the platform of digital-technological amalgamations is finally presented as a audio-visual in the format of screen. In a more sophisticated level we can imagine the screen or the membrane as an epistemological device known since Renaissance. The investigation aims to interpret the new social condition of screen-ness in architecture and its education.

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