Doing Heritage. Places of the past and future inside-out through women in Rosengård.

Carina Listerborn, Ragnhild Claesson

Project Period: 2012-2013
Type: Senior Research Project/PhD Project
Program Area(s): Critical Projections


This is a performative part of a study which looks at social aspects of cultural heritage. It’s included in the wider context of the research project “Transforming Dual Cities. A study of integrating sustainability through urban passages of mobility” at Malmö University, which focuses on social sustainability goals in Malmö and the council’s development of a pathway, “Rosengårdsstråket”, to connect people and enhance mobility.

Images of past and future may be given body in the physical world through design, traditions and every-day life. Globalization, migration and mobile lifestyles have brought about the possibility of a diversity of pasts, as memories and inner landscapes, gathered in the same place. In Swedish urban development the notion of cultural diversity is seen as a positive quality as well as a challenge related to social inequalities. Whose past and future is projected in urban space may be a question of justice. Swedish heritage politics strive to be an active part of sustainable development and promotes cultural diversity, claiming that heritage is related to identification processes and social life. In this study, the limitations and possibilities of cultural environment (“kulturmiljö”) and cultural heritage in a social and culturally diverse context will be explored.

A case study will involve women from various countries who have moved to Sweden as grown-ups, and living in a glocal area. The potential of using the past in design processes is explored in workshops with a performative approach to investigate if, and how, design processes can be a social crossroad in time and space by including a diversity of aesthetic preferences, traditions and memories in planning for the future. The performative acts can be used to unfold and project inner landscapes that will be investigated together with women association´s members, and further discussed with stakeholders such as planners, architects, cultural heritage representatives, property owners and the council.

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