"Project Practicies": The Body in Space - Promoting Sustainable Urban Transports: A Case Study

Lena Hopsch with Marco Cesario

Project Period: 2012-2013
Type: Senior Research Project
Program Area(s): Critical Historiography/Architects in Formation


This research study aims at identifying and describing environmental spatial qualities within space for public transports in order to develop new design methods/tools. Actual projects on urban transports will perform a base for the case study. The development of infrastructure is a big investment project in society. It is therefore important to develop new design tools for physical urban spaces used by people in their daily practice when using different transport modes. The research is done in a research-/design studio collaboration between CTH Architecture,participating international Master Students and the Swedish Transport Administration.

The method is based on explorative, artistic workshops and dialog-seminars with stakeholders. A collaboration between education, research and industry, contributes to the development of research, innovation and its implementation. Phenomenology as a philosophical discipline, offers a theoretical base for architectural design practice regarding human movement and sensory experiences (Hopsch & Cesario 2011) as well as social and ethical issues (McCann 2011). Phenomenology will be used as a tool for discussion as well as an analytical framework to interpret the outcomes of the workshops.

The result of the project consists of new design methods/tools for use in the early urban planning process promoting new spatial qualities in the encounter between man and the man-made environment. A deeper knowledge of spatial urban form in an embodied context creates a starting point for working with new aspects in the design of space for public transports.

We spend more and more time moving from one place to another in an environment made for cars and trains, how can future design be more supporting when it comes to security, orientation, climate and beauty? And how can we create urban space for public transports for movement with new aesthetic qualities promoting a more frequent use of sustainable transports?

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